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NEW: See bottom of page for commandline version!
ImageToAVI - Version
Remember all those family pictures that have been just sitting there on your hard drive for years? You keep thinking that someday you need to do something about them. Well? Here is your chance to show all your relatives what they used to look like!!

ImageToAVI will quickly convert a list of image/picture files into an AVI video or GIF animation. The AVI video can then be loaded into your favorite DVD authoring program and burned to disc. Just imagine, your entire family photo collection converted to everlasting 1's and 0's.

With this neat little program you may choose to create video for DVD, SVCD and VCD (both NTSC and PAL supported). An audio file can be added for background music and your own background picture can be added as well. Multiple effects can be applied to each picture and you may even customize the length of time to display each image. Want to create your own mini video clip instead of a slideshow? Not a problem. ImageToAvi is there to bring out the artist in you!

Input formats supported:

- Image Input: BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, and ICO.
- Video Input: AVI video and Animated GIF.
- Audio input supported: WAV audio (PCM format).

Output formats supported:

- Image Output: BMP, JPEG, and GIF.
- Video Output: standard AVI video and GIF Animation.

New Features and Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed 'Outline Index Not Found' error when launched from a hidden/special folder or WinRar archive.

2. Fixed floating point error when saving or loading a project with only one image file.

3. Added tools: Batch Image Converter, Bitrate Calculator, Animated GIF to Bitmap Extractor, and Image Viewer.

4. Added drag and drop for WAV, multpile image files, and project file.

5. And much more... see included History.txt for additional features.
The cost is cheap. Click here to purchase ImageToAVI because we want to get rich! We really do!Or, you may instead donate $7.00 to our paypal account: donate@aswsoftware.com, then send us an email to that same address. Just tell us you would like instructions to download ImageToAVI full.
NEW: The commandline version is now available!
1. A version of ImageToAVI that you can wrap your own GUI around!

2. Use batch files to easily compile images into AVI or animated GIF (example batch files are included).

3. Use a background picture, or an RGB background color.

4. ImageToAVI_CL is designed to run behind a GUI, and, therefore, includes user interaction dialog windows. These can be turned off, for those wanting to programatically compile an AVI without user interaction.

5. Full documentation, covering examples and feature use.

6. Over 30 commands and switches are available to customize your output video almost any way you wish; from width and height, to image display time, to frames per second, to borders, and much more!

7. Three resize methods available: Bilinear, Normal (pixelated), or Smooth. You can choose to keep the aspect ratio, or stretch the image with any of these resize methods.

8. Easily load your picture files from a folder, or use a text file containing a list of all picture files to use.

9. You can even use the mask command to filter out picture extensions that you don't want compiled, when loading from a folder.

10. A log file can be generated, making it easy for GUI applications to track the progress of the compile process.

Input formats supported:

- Image Input: BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, and ICO.
- Video Input: AVI video and Animated GIF.
- Audio input supported: WAV audio (PCM format).

Output formats supported:

- Video Output: standard AVI video and GIF Animation.

NOTE: Effects and tools, found in the windowed version of ImageToAVI are not yet available in this command line version. These additional features will be included in future versions. Free upgrades are available for five minor version upgrades (i.e. Version 1.0 to 1.5).

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