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Do you have any sensitive data that needs to be protected? Maybe you own a small business and need to protect company information. Or maybe you have love letters you wrote to your spouse when you were two young love birds and you don't want your kids to see them. What about all those passwords and account numbers you have stored all over your computer? Sure, you’re not worried about a hacker, or the ever so common spy ware, getting to them for fraudulent purposes, right? …Right? Whatever the reason, whatever the situation, Shadow is here to protect your sensitive information.

Shadow uses a highly complex encryption algorithm to safely and securely encrypt your data so that nobody will have access to it without the proper password. All types of data files can be encrypted. Pictures, programs, videos, word documents, text files, you name it, all files can be safely encrypted and decrypted again.

Shadow is a very easy to use tool that comes with easy to understand documentation. It is recommended, for safety purposes, that all of the short documentation be read before use because of the power that this software yields to the user.

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New Features:
1. Shadow itself is new.
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