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Hungry Mutant Animals - Version 1.0
"Hungry Mutant Animals" is a 2D shoot'em up game for Windows where you battle for your life against mutant animals. It originated from that great Atari ST computer game called DGDB. DGDB was a public domain game created by Michael Rieck and Thomas Ehlers in 1986. DGDB (Das Grosse Deutsche Ballerspiel) is German and roughly translates to "The Great German Videogame".

We, my family and I, began playing this game in about 1987. Each enemy looked to us like a certain type of animal. The name "Hungry Mutant Animals" was chosen for that reason.

The storyline? Well.... In a field far far away, in a time still to come, old farmer Joe was developing a super strength formula for his farm animals. When it came time to feed them his newly finished formula, his farm hand made the mistake of mixing in too much vitamin C. During the night all the animals mutated into hungry beasts. Now it is up to farmer Joe and his farm hand to stop those animals before they conquer the world!

New Features:
1. Program itself is new.
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