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Guardian Monitor - Version 9.0
Guardian Monitor is the first in a series of products that are focused on protecting you, your family or your business. Ever wonder what your child is doing online? Guardian Monitor will let you find out in complete detail. Want to make sure your employees are being productive? Guardian Monitor is the answer. Our software allows you to monitor just about everything that happens on a PC and the Internet. Emails, Web sites, downloads, keystrokes, chat rooms and instant messages and more - Guardian Monitor records all of this and stores it for easy retrieval and analysis through an intuitive interface.

Are you concerned that you can't be sure who they chat with or what is in those videos?
Guardian Monitor's internet tools are a complete solution to the problem of protecting your loved ones. Guardian Monitor serves as your personal supervisor when you are not there.
1. With Guardian Monitor you can record chats and instant messenger conversations. You can see which chat rooms they visited, who they were talking with and when. You see both sides of the conversation and can print it for later review. Guardian Monitor records AIM Instant Messenger & Chat Rooms, AOL 7,8,9, Instant Messenger & Chat Rooms, Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN Instant Messenger, and ICQ.

2. With Guardian Monitor you get a copy of each email that was sent or received, whether it was forwarded or replied to and also the time, subject and body of the email. You can sort emails by user, time, email address or subject. Guardian Monitor records Outlook, Eudora, AOL 7,8,9, SMTP and POP3 emails.

3. With Guardian Monitor you get a time lapse video recording of your computer monitor. You can quickly scan through a recording to monitor computer use. You can customize the frequency of each video recording and no recordings are taken when there is no activity.

4. With Guardian Monitor you can record each web site that was visted, by whom and at what time. You can view web sites visited by not only Internet Explorer and Netscape, but any other hidden web browser on the computer.

5. With Guardian Monitor you can now record all file sharing activity. You can see whether a song, a video or a picture was downloaded, at what time and by whom. You can also see a description of the file downloaded. Guardian Monitor records KaZaA and KaZaA Lite file downloads.

6. With Guardian Monitor you get to see each keystroke typed. You can see which program was being used, by whom and at what time.

7. Guardian Monitor is a secure application and requires a password to gain access to its recordings. Guardian Monitor can be customized to run in stealth mode and is hidden from view. You can select a special Hot Key combination to open Guardian and login to review its recordings.
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