Wisher the Word Game - Version 2.0
Wisher is a fun little word game designed and intended for the singles from 14 or so on up. Answer the trivial questions about yourself to see them put together in the end as comic (and sometimes true) results.

The game was orginally written over 10 years ago as a console program (version 1.0). This console version is still available for download below. The new windowed version is much easier to use.

Go ahead and give it a try. If you like it, pass it along to your friends to see what their results are! You can even save your results and email them to your friends and family. They, in return, can email you their results.

A note from the programmer:
I hope you enjoy this little game as much as my friends and I did, way back then, when the world was new and life was just getting started. Good luck and may your futures be bright! Live right, and you will surely be happy, for happiness can not be found any other way. Signed, Anthony West

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