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MorsePlay - Version 1.1
MorsePlay uses text to play morse code through the speakers. Speeds can be adjusted. Sound pitch can be adjusted. Text files can be loaded or text can simply be typed in. A bitmap is produced that contains the morse code in dot-dash format. Bitmap colors can be changed. MorsePlay also contains a morse code chart for reference. This is a great program for those wanting to practice their morse code receiving skills.
MorsePlay is freeware. DirectX recquired.
New Features:
1. MorsePlay now works on Win XP and no longer uses the PC's internal speaker, but now uses the sound card speakers.

2. The text output box now autoscrolls.

3. The word per minute play back settings have been updated to be more realistic.
The cost is FREE. Click here to donate by purchasing one of our products.
Download MorsePlay 1.0 (Win 9x only) (Size = 1403KB)
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